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Mori-You Rewards FAQ

Mori-You Rewards – Loyalty Program FAQ


1. What is Mori-You Rewards?

a. It’s a rewards program where you can earn points when you purchase products from this website or engage with our brands. Points can then be redeemed for discounts or other rewards.

2. Who can join Mori-You Rewards?

a. Anyone, and it’s free to join.

3. What do I get for joining?

a. You earn 100 points when you open an account.

4. Can you have more than one account in each household?

a. Yes. You can have 1 account per email.

5. How can I earn Mori-You Rewards points?

a. You can earn points by opening an account, purchasing products on our website, sharing and liking and following our social media accounts, writing product reviews, signing up for our newsletter, inputting your date of birth, and through successful referrals.

6. How many rewards points will I earn for each dollar spent?

a. Earn 1 rewards point per $1 spent.

7. How do referrals work?

a. In order to earn points, the Mori-You Rewards member must share their unique referral link with a friend who is not already a Mori-You Rewards member. Once their friend completes a purchase using the referral link and the $5 off discount code, the member will earn 100 points.

8. How many points do I earn for each successful referral?

a. 100 points.

9. How many friends can I refer?

a. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer.

10. How can I refer a friend?

a. Within the rewards launcher, accessible by clicking on the red “Rewards” button in the lower right corner, there is a referral section. From there, you can share your unique referral link via email, direct link, or to your social media. You must be signed in to access this.

11. Where can I find the $5 off discount code after my friend referred me?

a. By clicking through on the unique referral link from your friend and entering your email address, you will see the discount code in the rewards launcher. The discount code will also be sent to the email address you provided.

12. My $5 off discount code is not working. Why is that?

a. The discount code requires a minimum purchase of $9.90, before taxes and shipping, in order to apply.

b. The discount code will not work for an existing Mori-You Rewards member.

13. I didn’t receive 100 points after referring my friend. Why is that?

a. You will receive the points after your friend completes a purchase using your unique referral link. If your friend does not use the link, then you will not earn any points. Once your friend completes a qualifying purchase, you will receive an email notifying you that you have earned points for referring a friend.

14. How long does it take for my points to post to my account?

a. Posting is instantaneous. Your points will be in your account once the activity or purchasing occurs.

15. How can I check how many points I have in my account?

a. There two ways to find out your point balance. Sign into your account and click the reward hyperlink in the footer or the Rewards icon in the lower right corner of the page.

16. How can I redeem Mori-You Rewards points?

a. Click the Rewards icon in the lower right of the web page, then click Redeem Points. At that point you choose your reward and you will receive a discount code to apply during check-out.

17. Is there a maximum number of points that I can earn?

a. No, there is no maximum number. You can earn as many points if you meet the criteria to earn points.

18. Is there a maximum number of points that I can redeem?

a. You can redeem up to 500 points at one time.

19. Do the Mori-You Rewards points expire?

a. No, your points do not expire.

20. Can Mori-You Rewards points be redeemed for cash back?

a. No, your points cannot be redeemed for cash back.

21. Can Mori-You Rewards points be redeemed through other online stores that sell Mori-Nu Silken Tofu?

a. No, your points can only be redeemed on this website,

22. Are Mori-You Rewards points refundable?

a. No, once you use your points, they are not refundable.

23. Can Mori-You Rewards points be donated or transferrable?

a. No, your points are not transferrable and cannot be donated. Your points must be redeemed through your account only.

24. Can I unsubscribe or leave the Mori-You Rewards program?

a. Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time.

25. What are some of the benefits?

a. Discounts, additional percentages off, free shipping and other perks and gifts.

26. Where can I report a problem or give feedback?

a. Please email to report any problems or to give feedback.

27. What products can I purchase with my points?

a. You can purchase Mori-Nu Silken Tofu products.

28. Can you combine other discounts and redeem points in a single transaction?

a. Yes, other discounts can be used when redeeming points.

29. Do my past purchases count towards my points?

a. To earn points, you must first sign up for the Mori-You Rewards program by creating an account. Purchases prior to creating an account will not earn points. Only purchases made after you sign up for the Mori-You Rewards program will count towards your points balance.