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Learn more about Mori-Nu Plus Fortified Tofu, the unique functional food.
Make nutritious and tasty meals with your friends using Mori-Nu Plus Fortified Tofu. Learn more!
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About Mori-Nu Plus

Our mission is to help create a healthy mind/body experience and a fulfilling lifestyle through our delicious plant-based foods and ingredients. Mori-Nu Plus is simple and natural yet packs a serious nutritional boost.

With our mantra of "Healthy Mind / Healthy Body", our products are rooted in three foundations: promoting the body’s well-being by using alternatives to animal-sourced foods; facilitating the easy, delicious intake of nutrients; and supporting healthy conditions with evidence-based, scientific facts.

Mori-Nu Plus was born of a history of over 100 years of providing nutritious and delicious food products to consumers in Japan – one of the healthiest countries on earth – and more recently, over 30 years of leadership in plant-based foods in the US and beyond.

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Morinaga's Technology

Mori-Nu Plus has been developed to support a healthy lifestyle with evidence-based, scientific facts built upon Morinaga’s 100-plus years of food technology and innovation experience.

Morinaga is ahead of the curve when it comes to this nutritional advancement. Having conducted considerable research to elucidate the physiological differences between bifidobacterial species that are naturally present in the digestive tract (HRB) and those that are not (non-HRB), Morinaga has become a leader in science-based nutrition.

With its innovative technology, Morinaga has developed a premium line of HRB probiotic and postbiotic strains, and other functional ingredients that are highly safe to consume, highly stable, clinically effective and are of high-quality. Each HRB strain possesses an array of benefits that meet manufacturing needs and fulfill consumer demands.

One proprietary strain Morinaga has developed is LAC-Shield™, a pasteurized Lactobacillus paracasei postbiotic. LAC-Shield™ is a beneficial alternative to live bacteria, with an efficacious dose added to every package of Mori-Nu Plus to support your general well-being, so your body feels its best. Learn more about LAC-Shield and postbiotics here.

Make delicious breakfast choices with added nutrition from Mori-Nu Plus Fortified Tofu.
Plant Life Good Life


Whether for better health, taste
preferences, or your own personal reasons, many of us have increased interests in a more plant-based diet. And for good reasons. At Mori-Nu Plus we believe the simplest nutrition can be the most powerful. And nothing is simpler than plants as food. Our products have just simple, powerful nutrition.

Plant Life, Good Life. Because when you eat well, you feel great.