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Chocolate Silk Pie

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Mori-Nu - July 3, 2023

Hi Jan – we have two chocolate silk pie recipes available on our website, including one with a recipe video! While both recipes use granulated sugar, you are more than welcome to swap it out for honey or maple syrup. :) You may need to test out how much honey/maple syrup you use in order to get the right flavor. Similarly, feel free to add in vanilla or other flavors, to get the pie flavor that you would like! Thanks!

Jan - July 3, 2023

This recipe seems to be missing details. There used to be a chocolate silk pie recipe on the outside of the Mori-Nu Silken tofu box. I believe it was much more detailed instructions and included vanilla and honey (or maybe maple syrup) rather than granulated sugar (which unless heated, will not dissolve into the creamy mixture). Do you have that older recipe you could send me? I thought I had saved it but after several moves, I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

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