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Edamame Matcha "Latte"

YIELD: 2 3/4 cups


1 package Mori-Nu Edamame Flavored Silken Tofu, Firm

3 tbsp granulated sugar

2 tsp matcha green tea powder

3/4 cup hot water

Ice cubes



Whipped cream
Matcha powder to sprinkle



1. In a small bowl, add matcha powder and sugar, then whisk in hot water until dissolved.

2. Into a blender, add tofu and matcha tea mixture, then blend until smooth with no lumps.

3. Pour over ice into 2 glasses.

4. Top with optional whipped cream, fruit garnish, and a sprinkle of matcha powder.


  • The water should be hot but not boiling, otherwise the matcha tea powder can become bitter.
  • Try blending with ice cubes for a frozen slushy version!
  • PLANT-BASED: Mori-Nu Edamame Flavored Silken Tofu Firm takes the place of milk in this recipe and provides the creamy taste and texture. Just make sure to choose a plant-based whipped cream for the topping.
  • GLUTEN-FREE: Our tofu products are all Certified Gluten Free! Please check labels on other ingredients.




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Jesse Dichiaranti - June 22, 2022

I bought your tofu and my wife made a chocolate cheese cake with it and it was the best cheese cake we have eaten! I highly recommend you let people know that your tofu makes an awesome cheese cake.

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